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Required Ebooks,please

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Required Ebooks,please

1-Wireless Telecom FAQs
by Clint Smith, 2001 McGraw Hill, ISBN 0-07-134102-1. Succint, lucid explanations of telecom terms in both wireless and landline technologies. Includes cellular architecture, AMPS, GSM, TDMA, iDEN, CDMA. Very thorough coverage; an excellent reference for new technicalpeople or anyone wishing for clear explanations of wireless terms.

2-Cellular/PCS Management (A real world perspective)
McGraw-Hill telecommunication
Paul Bedell
ISBN: 0071346457

3-RF Planning and optimization

thanks for all............

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Re: Required Ebooks,please

I happen to have an ebook called "Mobile and Wireless Systems Beyond 3G". For detail review of the book, please follow the link, where you will also find its ebook download link.

Hope this would help.

Re: Required Ebooks,please

some radio planning and optimisation paper can be found in this forum:

follow the WCDMA link.