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Devloping ESME

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Devloping ESME

Hi All

I am working in SIM card industry and currently i want to develop an ESME server.
My aim is to build a ESME server which can connect with SMSC and then send binary data to SIM to update some contents of the SIM card for example SMSC Centre no.

So kindly let me know where do i start.

Thanks & Regards


You can start with the SMPP protocol.


to send binary data to SIM,

to send binary data to SIM, then you must start with 3gpp-TS 23.048 spec. It describe how to send secure data to SIM. It explains about the Kic/kid key usage etc..

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It can be developed using

It can be developed using SMPP API's, you need to tweak only the UDH and KIC KID if authentication is involved in it as per the SMS-PP 3GPP Specs 23.048. Rest of the operation is same as any other ESME.

Sangamesh R H
Telecom Consultant