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Unique Roamer

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Unique Roamer

Hello all,

Please anyone can explain me how can we build unique roamer logic using SS7 traces.


Unique Roamer

Hi Syed,

I hope you are planning to build the roaming logic in the MAP based network.
To build unique roaming logic, I have mentioned some of the below parameters which you can have a look from the trace:

1) Subscriber Identity- Both MSISDN and IMSI will be important from this point of view. Since most of the MAP messages either use IMSI or, MSISDN, so by capturing either of this will help.

2) Network Identifier- For this MCC-MNC has to be captured at least. You can get this from the starting digit of the Io IMSI (Initial 5-6 digits).

3) After checking in the MAP request, there has to be proper MAP error code to be considered( such as Roaming not allowed etc.)
[Note: Roaming logic actually depends what are your partner operators for which you have maintain a Roaming profile and if the MCC-MNC of your partner network is not defined in the roaming profile, then the node should reject the roaming request-MAP-UL]

I mentioned some basic info, hope this helps.