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Telecom Products.

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Telecom Products.

Hello Everyone,
We are new to this forum. We are the group of experts in telecom domain for SS7/Sigtran, GSM MAP, Camel (IN), SMPP, Diameter and Voip. Please have developed our in house products over commercial as well as on open source. Few products are , USSD gateway platform, GSM HLR, SMSC etc. As there are on opensource as well , so it is a lost cost and quick soultion for service providers.


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what products do you need?

what products do you need?

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Prepaid Customer Management Solution by Panamax Inc.

iMax’s integrated offering allows real-time prepaid business management, the biggest need of any prepaid scenario. iMax can rate, bill and report call traffic on the fly, making it very easy for customers to manage their prepaid business and thus making sure that there are no losses occurred due to billing delays.

Panamax Inc. is successfully scaling the international markets and helping telcos, carriers, MNOs & MVNOs to do business with advanced technologies.