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23.040 clarification

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23.040 clarification

I need a clarification regarding the TP-SRR bit in SMS-SUBMIT type in TS 23.040. I am referring to version 7.2.0.

I can see that the TP-SRR bit will be the 7th bit in the first byte of the PDU.
bit 0-1 for TP-MTI
bit 2 for TP-RD
bit 3-4 for TP-VPF
bit 5 for TP-RP
bit 6 for TP-UDHI
bit 7 for TP-SRR

But the details of TP-SRR say that it is 5th bit of the SMS-SUBMIT type. Then I searched in many forums and I find a different layout of the elements in the SMS-SUBMIT where the TP-SRR lies in 5th bit.

Can someone please clarify regarding this?

Hi, the table from the

Hi, the table from the chapter 9.2.2 only lists the content of SMS-SUBMIT but does not present actual ordering of the message elements. Therefore on the next page this table is followed with the layout of SMS-SUBMIT. So this is how are bits of the first byte of SMS-SUBMIT used:

------** TP-MTI
-----*-- TP-RD
---**--- TP-VPF
--*----- TP-SRR
-*------ TP-UDHI
*------- TP-RP

Hi TomiZet, thanks for the

Hi TomiZet, thanks for the explanation. Now I am surprised how I missed so explicitly presented layout in the spec.