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2g-3g overlay

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2g-3g overlay

Hi All,

As the 3G networks start getting rolled in India I have a general query . When an operator desigans a 3G overlay over 2G then what are the strategies to be used for ensuring minimal inter-system handovers for 3G subscribers - means for 3G subs if one is to ensure that they latch never to 2G Bts but always to 3G Node B . Some document on this will be great

2g-3g overlay

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2g-3g overlay

Operators can set the inter-HO parameters so that 3G subscriber will stay in 3G network as long as it is possible. But there big risk that when the the UE should make the HO, it won't possible anymore and UE is dropped from network.

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I wan to know more about 3G network & call flows of voice calls and MSG flows.
I request you to plz help me & iwan documents link if you have.
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