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campare the difference between 2G and 3G

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campare the difference between 2G and 3G

Can anybody please put your points on the comparison of 2G and 3G features

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Re: campare the difference between 2G and 3G

Ash wrote:
Can anybody please put your points on the comparison of 2G and 3G features

2G is strictly circuit switched analog. All voice and data are handled pretty much the same.
2.5G seperated the data from voice by means of packet switching on seperate RF channels. Faster data speeds.
3G is the NEXT evolution. Using the same RF channels voice AND data can now be handled at the same time. Even faster data speeds and VoIP possiblities.

This is the simple answer.

Codecs and video calls

On 3G you are capable call video calls between subscribers and there are new codecs introduced on 3G system i.e AMR codecs.


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Difference between 2G and 3G

Current 2G and 3G networks are both used for cellular communications. While 2G networks focus primarily on voice communications, text messaging and simple web browsing, 3G devices offer near-broadband speeds for web browsing and multimedia integration.

The significant difference between 2G and 3G networks is the faster data speeds offered by 3G. For voice use and text messaging, the differences between a 2G and 3G phone are minimal.

Although 2G phones are less expensive, they cannot offer fast web browsing and file transfers in the way a 3G phone can. The 3G standard allows data, pictures and videos to be uploaded and downloaded quickly.

Not all areas have 3G networks available. In the event that a 3G network is not available, 3G phones will connect to whatever network is available, even if it is a slower 2G network.

A 3G phone can be identified by looking at its screen. Next to the signal strength, look for a 3G or EV logo. Either one indicates you are on a 3G network.

Both 2G and 3G networks allow for easy use of mobile data services. While 3G speeds are faster, both options provide mobile Internet connections wherever there is a cellular signal.

Simple differences

In 2G, small packets of data known as 'pellets' are transported to and from the user's handset by means of a continuous stream of jackbooted West African carpenter ants.

3G smells like pinecones.

i would like to say that

i would like to say that mobile application development on 2G is very less. where on 3G its huge and its really fast too..

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campare the difference between 2G and 3G

The technologies used in 2G are either TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) which divides signal into different time slots or CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) which allocates a special code to each user so as to communicate over a multiplex physical channel.

3G technology generally refers to the standard of accessibility and speed of mobile devices. It was first used in Japan in the year 2001. The standards of the technology were set by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). This technology enables use of various services like GPS (Global Positioning System), mobile television and video conferencing. It not only enables them to be used worldwide, but also provides with better bandwidth and increased speed.

2g vs 3g

Global System for Mobile communication for wireless connection is furthermore renowned as 2G which is the first step in the direction of the digital wireless communication over living analog mobile communication current. 3G is the mobile benchmark specification released which are compatible with the IMT (International wireless Telecommunications-2000) specifications for multimedia supporting.

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In my opinion, the primary

In my opinion, the primary different between 2/3G is the huge increasing of the BitRate. Base on a high speed network, Apps and various services can be applied.

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