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Femtocell Self Optimization

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Femtocell Self Optimization

Hello everybody!! :)

I am telecom student and I am interested by Femtocells in 3G network. My goal is to learn and improve optimization of Femtocell to avoid interference.
Could anyone send me a link or docs which explain the basic process and algorithm to achieve it?
I am planing to simulate this kind of study with Forks Atoll... Every help at this level will also be good... But I am also open any proposition, concerning the simulation... ;)

Femtocell Self Optimization


You proposed a nice topic but maybe you can consider shifting the simulation to LTE Release 9 ( that introduced Home eNodeBs and pico eNode Bs). This approach would be more valuable in the near future. Now I don’t have much time but in your simulation you must consider several factors like:

- The main interfering scenarios: macro cell to femto cell on downlink, femto cell to macro cell on downlink, macro to femto on uplink, femto to macro on uplink, femto to femto…
- The base stations radio frequency specifications on the transmission side
- The base stations radio frequency specifications on the reception side
- Other factors like network listen mode, access mode and scenarios of assigned carrier frequencies.

Now I don’t have much time but I’ll take a look to see if I can help a little bit more. Maybe if you take a look to the LTE Release 9 avaliable documentation you can find some clues about this topic.

Good luck and happy new year.

P.S: Sorry, I’m a very bad English writer.

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Femtocell Self Optimization

Thanks to help... I am researching about "How to improve the Femtocells" and as you said I am learning a lot from LTE release 9. I am also thinking about the traditional 2G (GSM) and 3G (UMTS) which are well deployed networks. For sure the end of 2G and 3G will be 4G (LTE) but I think that the Femtocell before everything, will for sure be used in 2G and 3G network more than 4G network.
I also saw in the web that femtocell like the one proposed by Vodafone UK had some problems, specialy for handover and some interference between the Femtocell and other electronics equipment.
So my interest are:

-Some documents which can allow me to study and understand the automated algorithm for self planing and optimization in order to propose a new one or ameliorate the existing one.
-One software as a tool for simulate a possible solution before to implement it.

In fact I checked google, some websites, some white paper or E-book, only Femtocell features are proposed. I think that if the basics functions of such technology are open, it will be very fast improved.

Don't worry for English... I am not english too :)

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