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UMTS/HSDPA/IMS network Call Flow

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UMTS/HSDPA/IMS network Call Flow

Hi all,

I' studying an integrated wireless network architecture that includes a 3G network (UMTS/WCDMA) within an IMS framework. In addition and HSDPA connection should be guaranteed from data connectivity and DVBH is implemented for Video broadcasting

In order to go deeper into it, can you help me to find any reference for the following call flows: 

1.Mobile A makes a voice call to Mobile B (both mobiles belongs to the same carrier)
2.Mobile A makes a voice call to a landline phone
3.Mobile A makes a voice call to Mobile Z (mobile Z is a subscriber of a different carrier)
4.Mobile A sends a SMS to Mobile Z
5.Mobile A sends a MMS to Mobile Z
7.User A uses a data card to access the internet  via a laptop via HSDPA
8.Mobile A watches a TV channel on their handset

Thank you for your collaboration.

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