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What is Wrong with 3G?

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What is Wrong with 3G?

Wasn’t 3G not supposed to be about voice and SMS but whizzy new services: video calling, football highlights, interactive games. If 3G is as good as the marketing hype then why do we need 3.5G at all?

The first thing that turned out to be more hype than performance from 3G was the data rate. Coverage of 3G networks is still patchy – meaning some of the time data users are back. on GPRS rates. READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE HERE:

3.5 G is for data, same as

3.5 G is for data, same as comparison between GSM(2G) andd GPRS( 2.5G)



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What is Wrong with 3G?


Indeed you pointed out some limiting factors about 3G but the most important thing in this case is the network architecture. It is reasonable easy to improve 3G radio performance, in fact it has already been improved with MIMO and channel aggregation (I think that in 3GPP Realeases 7 and 8).

The problem is that no matter how much transmission capacity you have if your network architecture is not able to support advanced services. No matter what they said, 3G is not made for VoIP, video calling or interactive games for all that services wait to LTE (new network architecture).


Even tho, 3G is not really

Even tho, 3G is not really for all those things as Manchitas said, it can be used for that too. How good it will be depends of your network. If you have enough 3G sites, 2nd carriers on them, 45s inside them, it will work pretty good. But as Manchitas said, if you wanna see the real thing, you gotta wait for LTE. Been testing it and it works great.

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Problem With 3G

ou're correct, there was an issue impacting some customers ability to access 3G data services in Melbourne this morning.This issue has now been resolved and normal services have been restored. If you're still facing any delays or service interruptions, you should switch your mobile off and back on again to restore your connection.
If you are currently experiencing difficulties and it is not related to any issues above you can call on 1555 from your mobile or 1300 650 410 from a landline .