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The Solution for Fast-Growing VoIP Wholesale Operators

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The Solution for Fast-Growing VoIP Wholesale Operators

Speedflow offers VoIP carriers a solution to make the most of the industry growth potential.
The MediaCore is a carrier grade Class 4 Solution for VoIP Wholesale Business. It is a next generation wholesale Softswitch with its own Billing, Transcoding modules and Revenue Assurance Mechanism Guardian.
Carriers can take advantage from the following benefits:
• Cluster and geographically distributed deployments. The platform is available for partitioning.
• Scalability. The MediaCore license capacity can be increased in no time. It is a matter of servers.
• Unlimited number of concurrent calls.
• Stability. The softswitch can handle high peaks of traffic.
• Revenue Assurance System Guardian. The intelligent Mechanism prevents revenue leakage.
You are welcome to read the success story based on Divox experience on our website:
For more information please visit our web-site or contact Speedflow Software Sales Department via e-mail [email protected].