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GPRS: access point name

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GPRS: access point name

Hi ,
can anyone tell me wht is access point name.
and wht are its valid values?

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Re: GPRS: access point name

Hi mr Love knowlegde,

thanks for the information. actually  i need to derive the network identifier and operator identifier  from the apn i have got.when i saw in wiki pedia i saw it that the apn will be like A.B.C.D.
the first string is network identifier and the remaining part is operator identifier.
but i have got an apn like "" or it is coming as "portalnmms".so from this how could i derive the NI & OI.

Thanks in advance.

Re: GPRS: access point name

Hi, If you see the Create PDP message in trace, in Ethereal or wireshark, Under the GPRS tunnelling Protocol(if you expand this field),You will have a sub-field "Routing Area Identity" If you will expand this , you can find the Network Identities from where the request for PDP activation is coming, You will see the values of MCC,MNC,LAC & RAC there. So even if the operators have APN universally like "" you will know from the trace that this request is coming from which Operator network(roaming partner). For your internal traffic for sure MCC,MNC will be of your network.

Is this what you wanted to ask ?...Pls let me know ..if you wanted something else.


HI Professionals,

What is GGSN INTERNET PROTOCOL, will anybody give me some information about this.

harinder (not verified)
The GPRS access modes s

The GPRS access modes specify whether or not the GGSN requests user authentication at the access point to a PDN (Public Data Network). The available options are:

Transparent: No security authorization/authentication is requested by the GGSN.

Non-transparent: In this case, GGSN acts as a proxy for authenticating

The GPRS transparent and non-transparent modes relate only to PDP type IPv4.

Zoya (not verified)
Access Point Name

Access Point Name (APN) is a configurable network identifier used by a mobile device when connecting to a GSM carrier. The carrier will then examine this identifier to determine what type of network connection should be created.

A structured APN consists of two parts as shown in the accompanying figure.

Network Identifier: Defines the external network to which the Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN) is connected. Optionally, it may also include the service requested by the user. This part of the APN is mandatory

Operator Identifier: Defines the specific operator’s packet domain network in which the GGSN is located. This part of the APN is optional. The MCC is the Mobile Country Code and the MNC is the Mobile Network Code which together uniquely identify a mobile network operator.