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GTP Message Traces

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GTP Message Traces

From where I can get traces for GPRS Messages like Create PDP Context, Delete PDP Context, etc?

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Re: GTP Message Traces

If you have application which can generate GTP messages you can see the traces through etheral tool. GTP uses TCP/UDP services to transfer packet to peer end.


Re: GTP Message Traces

Hi , You can have a trace at the Gn interface between SGSN & GGSN. This will be an IP network and you can take the trace by just mirroring the ports of swicth which carry the Gn traffic to some empty port onm switch on which you will place your PC/Laptop loaded with "Ethereal or Wireshark" software which will capture this traffic.

Alternately you can take the trace at Gp interface , the interface for GPRS roaming, at this interface you will also find the messages like create ,delete pdp etc for both the inbound aswell as the outbound users.

Hope it is  quite explanatory :)

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can you drop me a sample

can you drop me a sample trace file at my email id [email protected]


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