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Seeking unique caller ID device

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Seeking unique caller ID device

Hi, I'm a newbie here and a newbie to telecom in general. If there's a different place that I should post this, please let me know.

I'm a business owner who has multiple incoming numbers (lines, I guess) that I'm told are POTS by our carrier (I think it's an ISDN line for internet). For marketing purposes, I would like to get caller ID and track the telephone numbers of those that call into our business. But, I don't want our receptionist to have to write down the telephone number of every caller who calls at the time of the call. That would be really inefficient. What I'm hoping to find is a caller ID device that would "store" all of the incoming calls (telephone numbers) and then possibly at the end of each month we could
(hopefully) take the device and connect it to a computer via USB port and dump the data into, let's say, a spreadsheet. Is there any such device available?

The carrier (TDS) says I could do caller ID, but is trying to sell me special digital or VOIP, but that would involve bringing in I guess a T1 line (or some such other line) and I really don't want to go to that expense. Besides, I'm not the building owner and I share space (and the POTS lines) with other small businesses in this building.

If anyone has any ideas of a device that would suit my purposes without having to get into telecom company hardware changes it would surely be appreciated.


Try purchasing the records


The simplest way is to purchase the call records from telecom operator in excel sheet and merging them.

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re: Try purchasing the records

Thanks for your response! When I called them, they said that they don't keep track of incoming calls... or, actually, he said that getting this data is usually provided via subpoena to law enforcement, etc. I thought that was crazy because my cell company (AT&T) keeps track of all incoming and outgoing calls and so does my home's local cable phone (Charter).... at least for my home phone and personal cell and displays it on my bill (and is available for download in my accounts online). My business has telecom service with a pretty major company named TDS (all throughout the midwest USA).

I know that I can use a caller ID device (which displays the number of who's calling....unless they've blocked), but I hope to get a caller ID device that might store the data that I can download from.

Any other ideas?