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Gsm Call Flow

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Gsm Call Flow

Hi All,
I am bit confuse about the gsm call flow between  mobile phone of one gsm network and mobile phone of another mobile network.

Lets say a person is calling from New delhi using his gsm mobile handset to another person (gsm mobile handset) who is in Banglore . My query is

1) How the call route and what are the procedure after the MSC of originating network ??
2) Will the call land on PSTN for routing to destination network ??

Please reply ASAP ...

Thanks in advance ..

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Re: Gsm Call Flow

The originating MSC queries the routing table (GTRC) and routes the call via GMSC.
Generally in the case you have mentioned, the originating MSC checks the GTRC and
then routes the call onto the PSTN or any long distance provider(NLD).
In case of international traffic, the call gets routed onto the international carrier/route provider.

Re: Gsm Call Flow

Hi Anil,
  Let us assume that you are using Airtel Connection in Delhi, and I am using Vodafone Connection in Bangalore.

1) When you dial my number in your handset, the information reaches the Airtel MSC
2) Now there should be routing defined in the Airtel MSC at Delhi.. such that 
    Vodafone number --- routed to so and so E1(Media via which the calls get
3) These E1s are connected to any of the NLD(National Long Distance ) Carrier's
    Only these NLD carriers are allowed to carry the traffic between states.
    In  case of International they are ILD carriers.
4)  Now through these NLD carriers, the call reaches the destination MSC.
5)  And from here it is normal MT call.