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Hello Telecom Friends

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Hello Telecom Friends

Hello to all

It was nice to get registered with this site. I am Ernie Ross & I live in USA, NJ. I like to share my knowledge with others & help others. Here I want to know more about telecommunication, and increase my knowledge. Whatever doubt you have in your mind you can ask me without any hesitation.



hi all,

i am new to this site.. Here I want to know more about telecommunication. Can you please explain me in detail about the activation/provisiong of network devices.


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Hi Ernie, I am Gee from Papua

Hi Ernie,

I am Gee from Papua New Guinea

wap over USSD

Have u ever used wap over USSD .Can you please help me regarding this.

Hello All

Hello All,

I'm new to this site. Looking to gain knowledge in the telecom field. Coming to you from Montreal Canada. I look forward to discussing with all of you.

Hey everyone

I am Suresh nair from India. Looking forward to talk to you guys about telecom.

What are the most informative telecom sites?

Guys, tell me which are the most informative telecom sites around the world?

new ideas a bout gsm

hello every one
I hope your enjoying your life, I am very happy to find a site like this because
from here I can chat with people that have knowledge a bout telecommunication systems
thanks to all.

Dinh Hung Lam
hi all ! I'm Lam. I'm living

hi all !
I'm Lam. I'm living in Vietnam.

point codes

I am new to the core network in telecom. Please help me how point codes work in SS7.If posisible with example.
Thanks & regards