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hellow fellow telco!

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hellow fellow telco!

hello all,,i'm Indonesian... now work as senior technician in large telecom operator in Indonesia
so interest with telecom i joined here for share each other.
take n give the info!!!

welcome me!

hellow fellow telco!

Hi, as u r already working for a Telecom operator, I guess it is easy to switch your services in the same organisation with your interest, provided ;you show expertise in the field you are interested in.
If u are from Communication background.. It will be easy to gain Telecom Knowledge. Find training centers in your location. After getting all suggestions , before choosing any step in your career just think enough times by your self. So that there will be no space for blaming others later..
I guess this can give an idea of what Telecom field is.. and the courses that a training center can offer.
Please post me on your further step.
All the best..