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telecom career options?

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telecom career options?

Hi, I am a recent graduate in elec & telecom and have a very general question... What are the options I have to make a career in telecom, what are the different areas? Also since I am girl, what kind of jobs will you advise me not to get into. IS there a preference for males in this telecom sector?  If yes, then what kind of jobs should I look into to get easier entry... Please help me. Thanks

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Re: telecom career options?

Telecom is actually a very bright option when considering  an E & C grads, because its  has flavous of both embedded and software. To my knowledge i have not come across a gender prefernce till date in this sector, but that also depends on where u r trying for a job for example if u r working for a service provider at customer sites its normally physical to some extent, but if ur job is in an product based organisation it really doesn't matter which gender ur till u r smart enough.

                Entry level, i think its best to look for testing or support kind of job profile which will give u zest of the system first. Telecom is a very vast domain so make sure you mention the word "telecom" occasionally  ;D

Sunil Kumar
Re: telecom career options?

Since ur FEMALE ....Recruiters will be knowing where to put you.




S.Sunil Kumar

Re: telecom career options?

Hello Friends,

You can visit this link to know more about career in telecom/wireless.

Nex-G Exuberant Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Re: telecom career options?

Hello just would share this awesome site to those who are into telecommunication industries.I am working for prominent company here in Malaysia as a RF Engineer.
This site is still new and currently open for those who are interested to post their resume. I have posted mine and hope there will be job opportunity for me soon.
See you guys there