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Cognitive radio and their applications

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Cognitive radio and their applications


  I am looking for people interested in cognitive radio and their applications in order to exchange ideas about this topic.
  My research on the Internet reveals that current trends use a simplified version of the cognitive radio according to which cognitive radio means only the adaptation  to the communication conditions (interferences, modulation type, etc).
  To my understanding cognitive radio should have a more general definition in order to allow autonomous interaction between intelligent agents in a fast changing environment. Also, the environment should have a larger definition by including, besides the communication conditions, the input from human users, the interaction of multiple cognitive radios, etc.
  I would like to hear your thoughts about this and also if there are applications using more advanced concepts of cognitive radios.


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Cognitive radio and their applications

i think it is like v r going to develop some hardware which can caters to different applications in same the white spaces in TV band are going to b used for some other applications....if high data rate wireless internet can work in TV band then v can use lesser no of antennas to cover an v will get better penetration in TV band as compared to presently used higher bandwidths for wireless internet

Cognitive radio

I am interested in getting to know more and more about cognitive radio.
If any one interested, pls let me know.