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SMS gateway for free: Kannel vs Ozeki NG

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SMS gateway for free: Kannel vs Ozeki NG


I need an SMS gateway like Ozeki NG. I am testing it right now, but before investing in a commercial product I would like to map the free alternatives.

Kannel was recommended for me, but Kannel is Linux-based that makes the congifiguration more difficult.

Do you know any good opensource alternative to Ozeki NG for Windows?

In addition to the basic functionalities, it would be appreciated if the SMS gateway enables email-to-SMS, SMS sending from databases (primarily from MySQL), and some APIs (primarily Java API) would be also useful for me.

Thank you for sharing your ideas in advance!


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You can run Kannel under windows if you run it through posix compatibility such as Cygwin.
However I would recommend running Kannel under some flavour of Unix (Linux, MacOS X, OpenBSD etc...). Its also much easier to run additional stuff such as a webserver with PHP, MySQL etc.

For a reliable server backend Kannel is much better. It gives you detailed control and with a bit of PHP in front you can build your own billing platforms or user management platforms. Kannel is just the engine behind which does all the heavy conversion between different formats and protocols.

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