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SMSC numbers for sending SMS????

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SMSC numbers for sending SMS????

Hi, my question is the following, I have seen in some pages that they post smsc numbers of carriers from several countries so one can send international SMS ( )... But my question is how can someone send an SMS by knowing the SMSC number of some carrier??? I mean when sending an SMS message you have among some other parameters just: Destination adress, and Message... So how can I use the SMSC number for sending an SMS message... Another completely diferent thing would be to have the IP address of the SMSC, then I can stablish a connection to the SMSC from an ESME and then send whatever SMS message I would want to...

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Re: SMSC numbers for sending SMS????

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Re: SMSC numbers for sending SMS????

Normally all SMSC will have authentication module which takes care of that it receives messages from its HPLMN network. So if you change the SMSC number in your UE/mobile handset, messages will not be able to deliver in most of the cases.

regarding ESME connection, If you know the SMSC's IP and port your ESME application will be able to make socket connection but may not succeed in pushing sms as all SMSC will have authentication module, After socket connection ESME has to login to SMSC server by providing login id and password. so if you don?t know the password and login id of particular ESME you cannot push message to SMSC.