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URGENT , i wan t develop my own SMS GATEWAY

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URGENT , i wan t develop my own SMS GATEWAY

Hello to all,

I'm new to this forum and a few days ago I started to learn web design.

I have a prOject to start in September and I am looking to make effective technical.

I have to send daily sms to customers and I diffenrents around 25,000 customers each with 25,000 different phone numbers and different addresses.

My socui is to do all this from a website.

I want to send emails to smss and internet party.

I will create a database and sales agents will charge to send the data by group. Chauqe day I have to meet about 20 000 people.

So my problem is what solution I need? I mean how to make it be effective?

- I want my system to be independent, I do not want to depend on a GSM operator here, it will not be possible given the daily flow and no operator still offers unlimited sms offers here (I am in West Africa ).
- I would like for example to specify the sender according to the groups of my clients.

I am ready to buy equipment, I made a few searches on the net and I saw devices like sms gateway but I do not know how these devices work.

Is it possible to do this with php? and be totally independent?

Is there a solution where I can use the services of an operator in Europe or Canada or state States?

I want my system to be truly independent as far as possible.

What equipment do I need?
How to proceed?

Do you nknow OZEKI ?


I hope I have your good detailed answers.

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It's easily doable.Let me

It's easily doable.Let me know your requirements, mail me [email protected]

Sangamesh R H
Telecom Consultant