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About NGN. Come in!!

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Yogi Wibowo
About NGN. Come in!!

Guys! If you'd like to share about NGN, I appreciate totally.
Because I'm interested on NGN, Let's share about all of NGN.
I want to discuss lots of about it absolutely.

Yogi Wibowo
Why are you interested on NGN??

guys! I attended NGN training in my campus 2 days ago.
And I feel interest about it totally. Especially ZTE training..
And I hope there are some guys open discussing in this thread..
Thank you so much..

Yogi Wibowo


I really see the need for anybody in the telecom field that aspires to grow in technical ability and knowledge to know NGN, hence I will always like you guys out there to send any relevant document on NGN to me.
I ll equally do same if I stumble on any.

Nwankwo Emmanuel


What seems to be the main idea behind NGN? is it that one network transports all information and services (voice, data, and all sorts of media such as video) by encapsulating these into packets, like it is on the Internet?Triple play services (Voice, Internet and TV) are already available via Cable and xDSL

What is meant by NGN? Apparently there's no a single accepted definition of the term yet. Different operators have given different names refering to their NGN Networks: Deutsche telekom used the name TGN "Telekom Global Network " Korea Telecom used BcN " Broadband Convergence Network ". British Telecom used the name 21CN. The term "all-IP" is also used to describe NGN because it is built around the Internet Protocol.
Some see NGN simply as a migration from PTSN " public switched telephone network "to IP based network.
When a word has more than one meaning, it can be a problem. What do you think ?

Ennaceri Jamaa