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Any 4G network?

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Any 4G network?


Is there any 4G network started or being implemented anywhere?
If not when we can see the first 4G network.. any ideas?

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Re: Any 4G network?

There are no full pledged 4G networks implemented anywhere. 4G implementations are
expected to be around 2010 to 2015.
And, Japanese operator DoCoMo planned to deploy 4G around 2010, but recently they announced
plans to deploy 4G  in this year itself..  Few months back  back DoCoMo announced that high-speed packet transmission with
1 Gbps data rate in the downlink was achieved successfully in a laboratory experiment using 4G  mobile communication
radio access equipments.
Last month NTT DoCoMo announced that is managed  to transmit data at 2.5Gbps to a moving vehicle in recent tests of a new wireless data technology. The tests involved using MIMO (multiple-input multiple-output) and are part of the Japanese carrier's research into so-called fourth generation (4G) wireless technology. MIMO involves sending data using multiple antennas -- six transmission antennas in the case of the DoCoMo trial -- to increase the total throughput.

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Re: Any 4G network?

But looking at the current trends, it looks like 4G should be
available from 2008 or before... if not for everybody... but might be
launched at many places by that time...
Any openions?

Re: Any 4G network?

i seriously think that there would be no 4G intiation till a reasonable QoS for the 3G network is acheived. Also it doesn't make sense on the service providers to jump level frequently before even realizing the investment they have made for the 3G.

probably we should think of more applications which cannot be acheived with existing newtwork architecture which will give rise to the mutation to next level.....

its my personel view anyways  ;D

Re: Any 4G network?

Yep, Rodricks,
You sound quite reasonable.

Sunil Kumar
Re: Any 4G network?

Is there any propoer 3G network ?

All 3G NWs runnig with lof of probs....

VIDEO Calls are BAD Quality.

Almost they are 2.75 G Networks.


S.Sunil Kumar

Re: Any 4G network?


sweden now running 4G and the GSM license is off there too.

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Re: Any 4G network?

I just finished a 4G Wimax project that integrated the two platforms togather. It was a Clear Wire co-location cage in an Internap Central Office.

LTE Networks

First commercial LTE network was launched in Stockholm, Sweden on December 2009. There are couple of non-commercial LTE networks in Europe i.e Oslo and Copenhagen.

Sprint uses Wimax as 4G technology in US.