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Application context Error

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Application context Error


On sending sendRoutingInfoForLCS application context =, the network is returning application-context-name-not-supported(2) and the application-context-name retunred in the Abort message is

Can anyone tell what is the problem?

Rohit Gupta

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Re: Application context Error

application context =
Here last byte specifies the version of the msg you are sending to remote entity
But remote entity is not supporting that version in which you are sending so it is sending the user abort.U need  to re send the message in the supported version that is speficied in the abort message.

Re: Application context Error

MAP Version Issue.
The remote SS (HLR in this case) is only supporting MAP Version 1, so you also need use MAP Version 1 and resend.
But, I don't think sendRoutingInfoForLCS is supported in MAP Version 1, which means, you will not be able to get a proper response from the Remote SS.
sendRoutingInfoForLCS is supported in MAP Phase 3 only, Not even MAP 2. So, the remote system needs to be MAP Version 3 for this operation to be executed.

[Whenever a system doesn't support an application context of the operation it has received, it replies back Abort with the app context name it supports]

Re: Application context Error

Thanks for the info.

Can you tell me in MAP version2 which all MAP operations are supported or provide a link where I can find all this information