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How to abort transation

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How to abort transation

Hi to all.
My node is a intermediate node between MSC(SSP) and SCP.
I have faced with situation, then SCP does not react on IDP(neither CON or REL, no transaction continuation or termination). As far as i understand SSP should start Tssf on open transaction and if no reaction at that time SSP should abort the transaction. So the question is: how to abort the transaction than you dont know DTID because SCP dosen't react. Camel spec says that it shoulbe a User adort on TC. But TC-U-Abort operates with OTID and DTID(wich is unknow). TCAP q.771-775 doesn contain an answer. My single assumption is - prearranged end. But it is not looks gracefully and evidently for all(as for me so for network nodes).