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Signaling Point Code

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Signaling Point Code

I don?t know the convention of defining Signaling Point Codes. I know there is a decimal representation of SPC like OPC-1004, DPC-3345. There is another format of representing SPC, it is binary format (8-8-8). I want to know the details about the conventions of representing point code along with the conversion process of each.

I?ll be glad if anyone helps me or provide some reference.

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Re: Signaling Point Code

There are 4 types of point codes in use:

ANSI point codes are divided into three parts:
NetworkIndicator(8 bit)1 ? NetworkCluster(8 bit) - NetworkClusterMember(8 bit)
example: 240-012-140

ITU International point codes are divided into three parts:
Zone(3 bits) - Area(8 bits) - ID(3 bits)
example: 04-208-06

ITU National Point Codes have two possible values:
NNNNN or M1-M2-M3-M4

NNNNN = A number in the range 0-16383 (14 bits)
M1 = 0-7 (3 bits)
M2 = 0-15 (4 bits)
M3 = 0-15 (4 bits)
M4 = 0-7 (3 bits)

example: 15045  or  003-010-012-005

ITU National 24 bit point codes are divided into three parts:
Main Signaling Area(8 bits) ? Sub Signaling Area(8 bits) ? Signaling Point(8 bits)
example: 140-123- 028

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Re: Signaling Point Code

If you would like to convert your poincodes try to use - that's online converter.

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Re: Signaling Point Code

If you want to know about conversion from 3-8-3/8-8-8 to decimal/hex, you can visit the following link to get an idea -