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SS7 Registration

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SS7 Registration

Does SS7 handle new Telephone Number Registrations into the Database?

To elaborate in detail:

My query is regarding addition of new numbers to Database:

Recently, I wen't through typical SS7 architecture and found that there are 3 main components involved in it:

1. Service Switching Point (SSP)
2. Service Control Point (SCP)
3. Signal Transfer Point (STP)

Here, SCP serves as an interface to Telephone Company Databases. So, does it mean that SS7 also handle adding new numbers to Database when ever a new number is assigned to any particular Customer or an Enterprise?

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Re: SS7 Registration

SCP itself is a database for numbers and those numbers can access SCP services via SS7. In normal SSP-STP-SCP scenario, SS7 is not used to add numbers to the database but internal interfaces of SCP are used to create a number prior to assigning that number to some customer.

But in few cases SS7 can be used e.g.
a voice mail server is kinda small SCP. Whenever subscriber makes a call to voice mail, voice mail server creates an account for it in its database if the account do not exist already.

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For example in GSM

For example in GSM network,
1. Service Switching Point (SSP) = Home Location Register ( HLR)
2. Service Control Point (SCP) = MSC

So, whenever a new subscriber is to be provisioned, it will be done in HLR ( which is SCP).

SS7 can not be used to add

SS7 can not be used to add numbers.

It will used to query that number via STP on SS7 links.