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SSF and SCF message flow

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SSF and SCF message flow

Can anyone give me information about APPLY CHARGING

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Re: SSF and SCF message flow

SCF passes the granted time(allowed time) (A-Party) to SSF through this message.

typedef struct CAP3_ApplyChargingArg {
    unsigned char  bit_mask;
#      define      CAP3_ApplyChargingArg_partyToCharge_present 0x80
    struct CAP3_AChBillingChargingCharacteristics *aChBillingChargingCharacteristics;
// sendCalculationToSCPIndication [1] BOOLEAN DEFAULT FALSE,
    CAP3_SendingSideID *partyToCharge; 
                              /* CAP3_ApplyChargingArg_partyToCharge_present not
                              * set in bit_mask implies value is '01'H */
    struct CAP3_ApplyChargingArg_extensions *extensions;  /* NULL for not
                                                          * present */
} CAP3_ApplyChargingArg;