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TCAP Layer

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TCAP Layer

Can anyone tell me what is the main purpose of TCAP layer,its call flows......
Please give some example too ..............
Though i hv gone through so many TCAP related docs,but still not cleared about d plz help me ...........

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Re: TCAP Layer

TCAP layer is used mainly to handle non-circuit related messages.
This layer is nothing to do with call setup or tear down.

For example, TCAP messages can be used by SCP to query the database regarding the toll-free numbers.
TCAP messages can be used to check whether the calling party is busy or not.

Re: TCAP Layer

TCAP layer is an appln laer protocol which provides the services to the applications
developed on top of the TCAP layer  like MAP,CAMEL,INAP applns ...
All the application layer msgs are TCAP msgs only.. which are  useful in querying like subscriber info from HLR and updating the new Info etc...

Re: TCAP Layer

TCAP is application layer protocol in the ss7 stack and the main functionality of this layer is to maintain transaction between peer and local end. So that response can be correlate to particular request within a dialogue.

Re: TCAP Layer

TCAP Layer provides a way to encapsulate Application layers MAP, CAMEL, INAP,... with it's data format.
It also presents Session Management with its messages, BEGIN, CONTINUE, END and ABORT and Their Formats: Originating TID, Destination TID, Dialogue Portion, Component Portion and Abort Dialogue Portion.

It's Format is Simple,


where each of them has some roles.

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