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Unable to receive response from operator STP

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Unable to receive response from operator STP

I am using Dialogic SIGTRAN stack (MAP, TCAP, SCCP, M3UA).

1) I am trying to obtained CGI by using SRI_SM, Forward_SM(class 0) and ATI

2) our scenario is  Application serverS(with SIGTRAN Stacks(M3UA)) IPSTP HLR/MSC with multi homing

3) We have GTs for our nodes(2 Nos) and IPSTP nodes(2 NOs).

4) We are successfully able to establish all associations and our all MAP requests are reaching STP correctly. but we are not getting any response from operator node. Why that must be happening? We have set "return erro message option" on sccp but still not getting any response.

5) In originating and destination address what needs to be set in order to support Dstination+GT (Huawei STP expect this) routing? According to Q 713 either only SSN or GT is allowed.

6) The operator has asked us to set Sub system MSC at our end for forward SM as our node will act as MSC? What exactly we need to do that?  How to Send class 0 SM in Forward SM?

7) What is the SSN we set for Calling Party (our node ) in SRI_SM and ATI? Is it MAP or SCCP Management?

8) What Will the Called Party destination address? Will it be GT of IPSTP or the msisdn for ATI and SRI_SM?

Thanks in advance............

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