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Regarding Subscriber Data Management (SDM)

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Regarding Subscriber Data Management (SDM)

Hi All,

Could you please let me know the importance and significance of Subscriber Data Management?

I would be very thankful if someone provides the related documents or references.

Thanks in Advance

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navneetkaur (not verified)
Regarding Data Management

Preparing a data management plan before data are collected ensures that data are in the correct format, organized well, and better annotated. This saves time in the long term because there is no need to re-format, to remember details about data. It also increases research efficiency since both the data collector and other researchers will be able to understand and use well-annotated data in the future. One component of a good data management plan is data archiving and preservation. By deciding on an archive ahead of time, the data collector can format data during collection to make its future submission to a database easier. If data are preserved, they are more relevant since they can be re-used by other researchers. It also allows the data collector to direct requests for data to the database, rather than address requests individually. Data that are preserved have the potential to lead to new, unanticipated discoveries, and they prevent duplication of scientific studies that have already been conducted. Data archiving also provides insurance against loss by the data collector.