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API SS7 FOR roaming greetings

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API SS7 FOR roaming greetings

Hi all
i need to resolve this problem
i have a server which is connected to an connection SS7 , this server can detect all the subscribers in our network whose are in Roaming and it sends them the sms welcome .

i need to do the same application  (with java)  it is possible ?
Thank you

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Re: API SS7 FOR roaming greetings


this depends on the signalling card, drivers and APIs you are using in the current system you have.

since Java has some weaknesses with drivers I suggest to split the new system into two layers, one for handling the signalling card operations like sending and receiving messages and another for handling your application logic what ever it is.

and how the two layers will talk to each other, also it depends on you because there is a lot of Interprocess communication methods but I recommend to use TCP sockets.

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