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Mobile number portability

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Mobile number portability

Hi all,

Can someone please suggest some document/article on Mobile number portability.


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Re: Mobile number portability


Find this documantation on webside ETSI
TR 101 119 “High level description of number portability”
TR 101 118 „High level network architecture and solutions to support number portability“
TR 101 697 „Guidance on choice of network solutions“
TR 101 698 „Administrative support for number portability“
TR 101 122 „Numbering and addressing for number portability“
TR 102 081 „Signaling requirements to support number portability“
TR 302 097 „SS7 ISUP Enhancements for support of number portability“
TR 201 367 “IN and intelligence Support for number portability”
TR 101 073 “Number portability for pan-European services”
ITU recommendation Q.769.1

bye :)