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HLR for a Full MVNO solution

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HLR for a Full MVNO solution

Hi guys in new in the forum and i have a question in order to start a discussion:

If a MVNO wants to move to a full MVNO. The first thing is to buy a HLR. Which steps you would do in order to check the impact of this equipment in the existed network?

Please give me all your ideas and i will try to order it during the discussion. For Example:

Which kinds of action you will study in the existed network after to implement the new HLR. what kind of information you will recovery in order to avoid big impact before the deployment.


HLR for a Full MVNO solution

Hi castrol,
we have a HLR specially developed for MVNOs, the impact for MNO is probably a better link to the MVNO, and a new range of IMSIs in order to route the SAIs and LocUps.
Please visit us at www. leibict. com

unosolution (not verified)

Hello Castrol99,
We have own developed HLR for GSM. While becoming MVNO, routing must be set by the MNO for the new GT and the new range of MISIs.