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Location based billing

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Location based billing

What is location based billing?
How the information related to location of calling number is get captured on CDR?


What is the difference between Rating,billing,charging and pricing.


Let's take an example where the terms you just mentioned are used:
In international traffic, we talk about settlement Rates:At least two entities are involved in handling international calls, the first carrier originating the call and the second carrier terminating the call .Each expects compensation for providing its part of the service. the first carrier BILLS the customer for his call, collects the money and compensates the second carrier. the fist carrier CHARGE the customer for the call . This charge is known as the collection RATE. The fist carrier collect the money from customer and then addressed the issue of compensating the second carrier. Now, before any calls were placed between the two carries, they both had negociated a settlement agreement , which specified the accounting RATE for a route between the two. This RATE is more a matter of negociation between the two than accurate reflection of underlaying costs. The split could be 50/50 if the amount of traffic from fist carrier to the second had to equal the amount travelling in the opposit direction. The symmetrical traffic flows was the basis of a fifty fifty split .The telecommunications PRICES are set in order to cover operating expenses and wages and to get a reasonable amount of profit . Prices may vary or must vary with the network load

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