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MSC Configuratio

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MSC Configuratio

Hello I Have a question regarding to the MSC configuration:

Can I program that a Range of IMNSI at the moment that one of it arrive to my MSC send it directly to other network in order to that network do the all routing billing etc??

Thanks for your answer.

unosolution (not verified)

Hello Castrol,
In this case MSC will work as signaling transfer point. I think this can be done using SCCP GT translation changes. But MSC also have user plane connectivity , so the new MSC should have user plane connection as well with the RNC/BTS.

benfordmichael (not verified)

I agree with unsolution's answer. You may try to do this and see what will happen if it is correct.

i dont think it will work.

i dont think it will work.
SCCPGT works on CC+NC whereas IMSI works on MCC+MNC.