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Need advice for a career change

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Need advice for a career change

Hi all, I'm new here. I'm finding some valuable info on this forum, so I think I'll give this a shot. I am a former telecommunications tech from the New England area. i worked for a big corporation for a few years and serviced and installed mostly video products. I was educated from within the company (paid training is great) and learned a bit about theory of video/voice/data. However, I decided to try other business opportunities- only to be let down- partially because of the tough financial times that my customers were experiencing. I am planning on going back to school to focus on telecom. I am interested mainly in voice communications-VOIP/PBX systems and so on. I would also like to familiarize with Computer Networking. I am planning on eventually getting into management and engineering. But for now I want a decent tech position upon graduation. It has been a few years since I have been in the industry, so I would need to take some refresher classes (for sure).

(1)Does anyone have any recommendations on schools? I am willing to travel anywhere in the country for a good program.

(2)What are your opinions on an A.S. degree versus a B.S. degree -In terms of appeal to big corporations, pay scale, and overall respect.

(3)In your opinion are there any Necessary Classes that may not be part of a traditional program that you can think of that would benefit me?

Thank You for any input!!!!!!!!!!   

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Re: Need advice for a career change


Here are some tips...

    *  Take many occupation tests and select the best career from list of fields reported by testing services.

    * Know how to do a thorough self assessment and set career goals.

    * Get tips on how to use part time jobs, freelance projects, interning, and volunteering to discover your best career.

    * Learn job hunting skills from resume writing to job interviewing.

    * Be helped in identifying the right job training and career education.

    * Be aware of other critical unknown elements of changing career, such as managing money during career transitions.

Have a nice time ahead.

HEY!! 2 years later...... I'm

HEY!! 2 years later...... I'm still trying to get back into this career!!! Thank you guys for your replies! I thought no one would ever reply. I ended up moving a couple of times, so getting back into school has been difficult. Here's another question I should have asked a long time ago..........Are there any good companies left that you can truly work your way up in? Any companies that train from within? I understand that this industry requires a "real school environment" to be formally trained/educated, but are there any respectable companies that would help me get a good start? I am willing to start in the lower ranks.


I just do not see the point of going from telecom to management when telecom is such an interesting area of expertise and the future, people are always looking for new way of communicating , so this is my career advice just stay where your are and get better at what you do.