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Needing to install a remote phone jack

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Needing to install a remote phone jack

I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong place, but most of the lingo is way above my head here.

I work for a company that provides communications for the oilfield. My phone system is located approximately 150-200 feet from where I need a phone jack. We currently run wiring to the location where I need a jack, but it is often gets cut because of the industrial traffic through the area. We have looked at going VOIP, but because of the harsh environment it is not feasible for us to replace a handset every time they are broken.

I was hoping someone in this forum could recommend a device that would allow me to broadcast a wireless signal across this area and would allow me to place a standard phone jack on the other side.

Thanks for your attention and any help would be greatly appreciated.


There are several wireless

There are several wireless jack options. Basically you plug the main adapter into the AC outlet and the wall jack. Then you plug the extension into the AC outlet where your phone is and you will get dial tone through the extension adapter. I have provided a link so that you can see the product I am referencing. Make sure you check your wiring first because I have seen reviews on this saying that the device does not work properly due to odd wiring schemes. Hope this gets you moving in the right direction.

Thanks David V.