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Networks and Internet

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Networks and Internet

I'm new and i have a few questions
If we have a link with a bandwidth of 10Mbps. Each user needs 100Kbps when sending data which he does for 5% of the time.
a) How many users can be supported if I use circuit switching? (100?)
b) Assume we are using packet switching which is the possibility p that one user is sending data?
Please help and include the formulas you use in order to find the results.
Thanks  :D

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Any reason to use Circuit

Any reason to use Circuit switching network. I don't recommended. It can destroy the computer if you do not have a UPS. Circuit switching network supported limited users as compared to packed switching network. In my office we use packed switching network using cat5e wiring. For more info about Cat5e Wiring Services
you may google Telesystemscorp.