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New Building Phone Room

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New Building Phone Room

I am moving a medical office to a new building that has no phone or data in yet and I plan to build a new dual purpose phone/server room.

I plan to use cat 6 wiring for the data but can I use cat 6 for the phone also? This is a older avaya phone system mostlikely 7-8 years old but still in working order so they are going to just move the avaya system for now.

Can we use cat 6 for both and use the A standard so the jacks will work for phone or data? When doing this how does POE fit in as we want to have several wifi access points on POE also?

If it can be don this way I will bring them to a single 48 port patch panel and run 2 different color patch cables if it is for phone or data.

What other components do I need in the phone room?

Sorry for the aount of questions but this will be my first utility room build. Please advise me and critique my plan.