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Ofcom's Assessment of the Mobile Sector

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Ofcom's Assessment of the Mobile Sector

Ofcom has concluded the Mobile Sector Assessment and published a statement concluding its findings.

The Mobile Evolution Assessment concludes that the UK mobile market is serving UK citizens well and the competition between the mobile network operators is driving this success. In light of this conclusion, Ofcom has decided that it is not appropriate to do a wider market review at this point in time.

Some of Ofcom's conclusions are noted below:

- Innovation is flourishing. Consumers are using more text and data services, whilst mobile internet access has taken off. Ofcom also note that mobile handsets can do more while costing less.
- This assessment is based on the extent of competition within the current market structure. Any significant change in the market structure may affect competitive pressures in the industry, and they would asses such changes on their own merits.
- Additional indicators of this success are the existence of commercially-derived wholesale contracts to supply MVNOs

Ofcom did note that there are some areas where performance could be improved:

- Not all UK citizens have satisfactory service availability and quality.
- Not all UK citizens will be able to benefit from future mobile technology trends.
- More focus should be placed on the enforcement or rules promoting competition.
- Competition law should be used where appropriate to assess future market changes.

The full Ofcom statement can be viewed here.

Simple fact is that the mobile sector is not serving consumers well. Freephone isn?t free. Premium charges are levied on numbers which aren?t premium rate with zero intervention from Ofcom. Indeed it?s the horrendous charges for calls to 08 numbers from mobiles which inspired 03TALK ? where all calls to the conferencing service must be charged at the same rate as those to 01/02 numbers and included in mobile bundled minutes. But the fact is, we shouldn?t have to be doing this. If there was a fair deal and even-handed regulation, we could operate the 03TALK service on an 08 number ? but that would mean the mobiles would add an unacceptable premium to the true cost of the call. With 03, they can?t

That is my two pennies worth. What are your thoughts on the Ofcom Mobile Sector Assessment?

Oliver Bayley

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