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Phone Number Ringing to Wrong Company

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Phone Number Ringing to Wrong Company

Good afternoon everyone.

I am trying to get some information on a strange issue my company is having and thought I would come to folks "in the know" for some details. I'm a coder, but not a telecom/network person at all and I really don't understand the technical infrastructure phone systems.

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy my firm's phone number went off line, where we couldn't call out at all and any call coming in ended up just as a busy signal. A few days ago the phone system came back on, but our number is now ringing to a totally different company. Our telecom vendor is working on it, and he says it's because Verizon's hub in Downtown Manhattan has totally flooded, so that the switch shorted and our number is being connected to a totally different entity. My vendor is a good guy, and I completely trust him, but I don't understand things enough to know what kinds of questions I need to be asking him. It's been 3 days now and he says there's nothing he can do to get our number ported back just yet.

Can anyone offer a link to a document/tutorial that might better explain the overall structure of these things so I can educate myself (a little)? Has anyone heard of something like this happening before?

Any help would be radically appreciated, but I understand that of folks are busy and might not be able to offer any insight there.


Reasons and Scenarios of Invalid PTMSI in GPRS

Dear All,

Can anyone let me know, in case of GPRS what are the scenarios when a PTMSI can be invalid and what can be the possible reasons.
Can i get some document for my query.

THANKS in Advance....

Lovelesh Pandya