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Please show me a way..

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Please show me a way..

Hello everyone. I am a student of B.E (electronics and communication)second year from mysore(India). I am too new to this field of telecommunication as i am studying this for the first time, only now in my 4th semester. I always wish to learn a new subject by solving a practicle problem related to that. So,may i know ,where can i spot the technical problems on which i can work, related to wired telephony? I am currently unable to spot any ,as i have started this course only 10 days ago.please show me a way in this regard and let me know what are the current problems with exisisting wired telephony and switching netwokrs.( Even if i fail to solve it, i would make an attempt which will help me to learn the subject better).Help me please. Thanking you in advance....


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Re: Please show me a way..

start by getting your hands dirty,  go out in the field, find a part time job even doing it,  you will learn more by being onsite anyway,  Once you know what it feels like to troubleshoot something for days and its something you overlooked.  Now your learning.
Without field experience your reading from a script thats wrong anyway.


If your guessing your wrong!