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Telecom Space without VOIP

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Telecom Space without VOIP

Hi All,

Happy to see a new intiative to start of  new full fleged telecom forum, but can there be a telecom forum with out VOIP ?????

my suggestion is that we add that also to the discussion topics as that will attract lot of buzz to the forum


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Re: Telecom Space without VOIP

sorry guys din't notice the Voice over Packet  :-[

My apologies

Re: Telecom Space without VOIP

HI Rodricks,

Actually as there are many categories in telecom field, we had to merge similar things in to one board.
So VoIP, RTP, SIP, H.323, ATm etc under Voice over Packet.
May be once the forum grows, then we can split depending on the requirement.
And, thanks for taking intiative to suggest. You can even use Feedback/Suggestions/Contact board (last one in the forum) for any suggestions, issues.

Please suggest this forum for any friends / collegues who might be intrested in telecom discussions.
It will help the forum grow. It will be a successful forum only if we have as many members possible.


Re: Telecom Space without VOIP

VoIP is a technology by which the routing of voice communications are done through Internet or any other Internet Protocol (IP) based networks, Call Center Software....