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Telecommunication Training Video

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Telecommunication Training Video

Here is a serious of basic telecommunication training video.

Introduction to Telecommunications
What is Telecommunications?
Network Components, Standards, and the OSI 7-Layed Model
Vocie Basics
Telephony Today
Data Communications or WANs
Local Area Networks
Digital Networking
RF, Satellite, and Cellular Communications
Telecommunications: Providing New Business Opportunities
Looking Down the Road

enjoy!  :)

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Re: Telecommunication Training Video

From where can I get the complete course video ?

web engineer
Re: Telecommunication Training Video

I need to get the full training please ASAP, so can you give me its link/

Re: Telecommunication Training Video

ME too, i need more information, this seems all to interesting


Hi Techies,

A great thanks for the link about the tele video and I need some more info viz Network Components
Vocie Basics
WAN and LANs
Network layer, Transport layer,
Digital Networking,
Satellite, and Cellular Communications.

Amit Vyas
Amit Vyas

Hi Thanks for sharing the link.