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I'm currently a student who's interested in getting into the telecommunications industry. I've always had a fascination with how telephones worked and I absolutely love technology, so I figure this is my best bet in life :)

I picked up a book at Barns and Noble last week about basic telecommunications. It explains the essentials I guess you could say. SS7, exchange offices, end offices, etc. etc.

It also mentioned something called "The LERG" being an essential resource? What exactly is the LERG? Is it a book or something? How and where can I buy it?


-- Jay

PS. Sorry in advance if this this was posted in the wrong place :-\ I thought "General" kinda summed it up.

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Re: The LERG?

LERG = Local Exchange Routing Guide.
The North American numbering plan is available in a data base called the LERG maintained by Telcordia.
The LERG has data for every switch and central office in the North American telephone network.
Copies of the LERG can be purchased from Telcordia. LERG info is constantly changing, so most users subscribe to periodic updates.

For more info refer to this link:

Re: The LERG?

Okay. I understand I'm not a telephone company, but this looks very educational and interesting. Can I buy it anywhere besides Telcordia? Seems a little expensive.