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The Smart Internet Vision

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The Smart Internet Vision

The notion of a smart internet requires a transformation in our understanding of the web and its architecture – a complete change of perspective, from a server-centric understanding to a user-centric one. This change will be much like the Copernican revolution, where the presumed structure of the solar system changed from an Earth-centric one to a Sol-centric one. Read further at:

The Internet of the future

Nice reference. Indeed, "smart" networks will be a great revolution closely associated to human-machine interfaces development. Today, many people talks about smart networks, smart sensors, smart metering… Ninety percent of the time they are really talking about dummy networks with smart persons or dummy networks with a centralized intelligence.

Nowadays Internet of things is exploiting and it will star with non intelligent sensing networks connected to data processing cores and few local autonomous systems. I think that over the time these networks will proliferate becoming bigger and developing “local intelligence” (because if more efficient from a communication point of view and, in addition, it will be the only way to manage huge environments on real time). At this point humans will supervise a central monitoring system but local sensing networks will already analyze, decide, actuate and check the results.

Now, it is possible to monitor traffic and change mobility policy in months or weeks. In the future roads will integrate local information to manage in real time all the traffic lights in order to optimize global traffic flow. And this will be done without direct human intervention, that’s intelligent management.

Another example can be found on commerce. Imagine that your usual clothing store remembers what things you saw before sale time in order to directly inform you about interesting sales. Another example is to remember everything you buy in order to recommend you cloths that combine. As you see there are infinite possibilities.

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Thanks Manchitas

thanks for the manchitas for your elaboration.

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interesting read.

interesting read. Telecommunication companies should have a close look at this. Since they need to develop new business strategies in these times, having a look at their numbers in their core business.
Interesting to see if they are actually going to pick up on this and develop some strategies surrounding it. I quite frankly hope they will do so.

thanks for the comment

thanks philm for the comment. I have also taken a look at the link you posted -- interesting stats I must say.

You are welcome. Yeah I know,

You are welcome. Yeah I know, I found this by chance and there is quite a ton of useful information on that site.