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Trunks in the call detail record

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Trunks in the call detail record

Many times i observed,that normally we use the term TRUNK on the call detail record.
Can someone please explain, what is a TRUNK? for what purposeTRUNK used on CDR? and on what kind of CDR TRUNKS are available?

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Re: Trunks in the call detail record

10x Tem,
how TRUNK will be useful in billing software? I understood that TRUNKS are used to determine the area from where call originated? Am I correct?

Re: Trunks in the call detail record

Yes its part of the path, its used for billing because service providers allow each others customer to access they're cell towers and various other network infrastructure and the details of the customers network access is directly related to the amount charged to the competing service provider.
For example; if your cell phone goes into roaming, it is not covered by your service providers network, so if you access a network while roaming you are using another service providers network and trunk lines, so you are charged more.

Re: Trunks in the call detail record

Hi Trunks are configured at switch level physically which is used for routing the call from partners operators. routing may be inbound or outbound.

When a subscriber calls then its call routes via trunk group to other operators which is predefined for billing purpose.

If you want to know more about how the thing happens mail me


Re: Trunks in the call detail record

A trunk is a simply a hard wired connection between 2 switches, to carry the data/voice call. This trunk may link to switches of own operator or to other operator.

In case when it links to other operator, inter-operator settlement is done for the part of the trunk used.
This is called as ICT billing.

Mail me if any more information is required. I can explain in detail.