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VoIP billing method

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VoIP billing method

Hello all,

For my call center I needed a good VoIP solution which offer billing by call length and I have found Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK. For me it was important that that the billing could be done either by using minutes or by seconds as the basic measurement unit. In case of billing per seconds if my call center agent speaks for 5 minutes and 16 seconds I will pay for five minutes and sixteen seconds and not for 17 minutes. As the service provider can define the calling cost, the minute can cost more in case of a billing by seconds than in case of minutes. In the other case (billing by minutes) my agents need to be careful if they speak more than 5 minutes with a single second then I will pay for 6 minutes.
So if you are interested in such solution you can read about it here

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cammie (not verified)
There are various billing

There are various billing software available these days. You can choose one according to your requirement. I guess telecom billing software will be fulfill your requirement.